Recoup Fitness Cold Roller

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Recoup Fitness designs innovative recovery products used by professional athletes, without the professional price tag.

INSTRUCTIONS: •Place Cold Roller in freezer for 2 hours- staying cold up to 6 hours •Unscrew blue handle to access free-rolling ball •Use The Cold Roller in the handle to roll across any large muscle group or outside of the handle for bottoms of feet, hips and back.

TRAVEL SAFE The Cold Roller is filled with 3.4oz of non-toxic cooling gel for safe travel

ICE + MASSAGE The Cold Roller ice and massage and massage capability replaces the need for ice cups and foam rollers

SIX HOURS COLD Place your Cold Roller in the freezer for two hours and enjoy up to six hours of cold therapy relief

RECOUP(ERATE) Recover your muscles faster after workouts for less injuries and better performance

NO MESS Never freeze ice cups again

REUSABLE Freeze your Cold Roller repeatedly for up to two years for best results