Gibson DAT Sticks - Pkg of 3

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Quick Overview

DAT Rip Stick™
Reduces the Pain and Heals the Wound

  • Allows the soothing effect of benzocaine to reduce the discomfort of rips, blisters or cuts
  • Without the burning effect normally associated with benzocaine
  • One application to the skin forms a soothing white film over the affected area
  • Allowing the natural healing process to begin

DAT Callous Stick™
Promotes Natures Ability to Protect Sensitive Skin
  • Formulated to have a high affinity for cells which deteriorate from stronger/pliable callusing
  • Promotes callusing to the epidermal tissues thus giving the skin a tighter, toughened character
  • Used on a regular basis during callus inducing athletic activity, DAT Callous Stick™ strengthens the callus structures
  • Stronger calluses have greater resistance to tearing or ripping during subsequent callus stressing activities

DAT Condition Stick™
Maintains the Condition of the Hands
  • Contains a high percentage of skin conditioners (Lanolin, Aloe, & Vitamins A, D, & E)
  • Allows hard, dry callus or stressed callus to become more pliable
  • Innovative technology allows the product to be applied to the skin without greasiness

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